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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers amongst others medical expenses, death or total disablement due to an accident, trip cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, travel delays, insolvency of your travel suppliers, etc.

Just to mention 2 myths about travel insurance:

The covers offered by the banks as part of your credit card benefits varies. Most of them offer a very basic and limited cover and it will be worth your while to contact us for a top up cover so that you can have real peace of mind whilst enjoying your trip. Our comprehensive cover is very reasonably priced – for instance the premium for a husband and wife (both in their late fifties) travelling to Canada for 15 days will only be R2160.00*. This cover is extremely comprehensive and will include amongst others:

Emergency medical expenses including terrorism
– R100 000 000
Death and permanent total disablement (excluding air travel)
– R500 000
Death and permanent total disablement (insurance for air travel only) 
– R650 000
Return of your body
– Actual expense
Rejection of Visa application
– R20 000
Theft or damage to baggage
– R35 000
Theft of passport and travel documents
– R10 000
Cost of alternative travel due to travel delay
– R25 000
Legal responsibilities to 3rd parties
– R5 000 000
Kidnap and wrongful detention
– R500 000

The premium for the same cover as above will cost a single person in his late sixties travelling abroad on multiple trips over a 12 month period only R6500.00*

The premium for the same cover as above will cost a couple in their late fifties travelling to Botswana for a period of 11 days only R1585.00*

These premiums are based on actual premiums charged to clients in 2016 and could change in future. The premiums are based on age, destination and duration of trip.