About Perfect Delivery.

Compliments of the World Bowls 2000 programme.

“Every bowler in South Africa who is anywhere close to the game hears about 1976 regularly, even more so they heard of it as World Bowls 2000 approached. And a whole country of dedicated bowlers awaits a replay of the 1976 event held here in Johannesburg.

For it was in that epic time at Zoo Lake, just down the road from the Marks Parks stadium we are now, that the names of Lightfoot, Gatti, Moseley, Campbell and Watson were forever etched in our minds. No other country got a look in at the gold medals that year as the famous Five grabbed all the shiny stuff and made sure it stayed in the country of origin.”

Perfect Delivery, a product of Barton Insurance Brokers was launched on 1 April 2000, a historic day when SA bowls was reintroduced into World Bowls with the hosting of World Bowls 2000 in Johannesburg.

Since then, through hard work, dedication and integrity, we have served the bowling fraternity with motor and home insurance solutions that served their needs. We have invested millions of Rands into the game of bowls through sponsorships on national, regional, district and club levels. With the loyal support of bowlers, we are proud of the fact that we have policyholders in almost every second club in the country (221 out of 456 clubs). We expanded our product offering to include club insurance and travel insurance, as well as a wide range of commercial/business options.

Due to the success we experienced in the bowls fraternity, we extended our focus to tennis, hockey and squash players.